ABW-050 Heart breaking NTR I got a sad erection when my girlfriend Was Destroyed by an Old Man

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This guy has been dating his classmate Nonoura for over a year. She’s truly pretty and way out of his league, so he feels really lucky about it.

One day, they spend the day out dating and end up going to a love-motel. They are witnessed entering the place by the school janitor. A pervert middle-aged man who recognizes them from the school. And he quickly snaps a photo of them for later use.

The Janitor is a perverted middle-aged man who hates his own life, he is full of unspoken inner rage and seething.

The next day, the janny send this photo to Nonoura to force her into meeting him after class. And she has no choice but to meet him and have sex with him.

During this time, Nonoura Non is having simultaneous sex with Janny after school, and with the boyfriend too, who still doesn’t know anything about it. The janitor is very rough and he goes the extra mile when it comes to having lewd sex, and Nonoura begins to get addicted to it. While she begins to feel that her boyfriend is very boring.

Things definitely spin out of control when Nonoura gets involved in a gangbang with the whole class. She feels incredibly horny about it and the boyfriend has to witness the whole ordeal, with a stupid sad erection in his pants. He should be filled with rage and step in to stop the whole thing. But instead, he gets cucked.

The final touch of this movie. Is that Nonoura becomes a porn actress and the boyfriend gets to know about it, watching her in the porn movies. Not even while fapping he can get peace. Mmmm, LOL. Well cucked my friend.

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